So, after 4 years of doing little  I fell back into things because of 'Nigella'  - an affectionate paean to Nigella Lawson.  Just sort of happened ....one day , watching TV with my wonderful  Mother-in-Law, she  said to me in her broadest and very lovely Guyanese accent that my brother-in-law had 'a bit of a thing' for Nigella  (I guess many men of a certain age do..?) Anyway, next day I was poodling about with my uke in the kitchen (appropriately) and ten minutes later had written the song. Played my home demo to Curtis (Schwartz) and he was insistent we should record it. So we did,

Nigella signed CD cover Finally 2 Nigella 2 signs

We slung it out under the alias of 'Nigellarox' (and in hindsight, I wish we hadn't) and did ok; some TV and a range of airplay including the dear old BBC. Alas though, no big lucky punch and more to the point, not the cash muscle to get the song into the mainstream. I had hoped (of couse I had) that Nigella would hear it, like it & comment but despite the best efforts of a hardworking PR team just didn't happen. Eventually (by which time our single campaign was  gone) I managed to get a copy to Nigella directly (ok, cost me a couple of cookbooks but my wife's a big fan!)  She was very gracious, accepted a copy from me but I really felt that she wasn't best pleased.

and what a laugh we had doing it !  I am so grateful to Curtis for putting it together, Chris Worsey for his fantastic, peerless cello, old pal Steve McLean on bass, the brilliance of Neil Wilkinson on drums, the soothing super smooth BV's from my dear &  lovely friend Sacha Flory  & a quite amazing raucus rip from fab Lucy Jules!

Waterloo - on the bridge (1)

On reflection, I feel a little sad about that; 'Nigella'  brought me out of some dark days when I just didn't feel like writing or doing anything. I therefore have an affection for the song, more than most I've written. It's good clean fun, given a lot of people many laughs & put a smile on some faces....bit of a  shame that Nigella's wasn't one of them...

The video was just brilliant fun to shoot & I really appreciated the contribtuions of Sacha, Jody, Emma, Matt & Bobby on a lovely sunny June day in London.  We met some crazy people as we randomely pitched up on the streets and started filming. Again, I am very grateful to everyone who joined in. Just wish I knew who you all were to say thank you. Best thing about making music is having days like we had doing this.


Click on the pic to the left to see 'Nigella' - the video.