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Now playing "Guardian Angel" by Simon Clothier. Produced by Curtis Schwartz

Festival open! Simon (18 of 1) Simon Clothier

With his beautiful vocal range & talent for creating heartfelt songs, singer/songwriter Simon Clothier

 offers a refreshing difference. A lengthy sojourn from music (during which time he carved out a living in

     construction, working on the  iconic Wembley Stadium &  London 2012 Olympic sites )  ended when                                               his daughter  hassled him to play uke at a school  charity event to raise money to buy  instruments.

                A spontaneous  (if maybe murderous) performance of Beach Boys classic God Only Knows was

                  exuberantly received prompting him to record the song for his daughter. The demo found its

                     way to Hawaiian uke specialist Roy Sakuma & he invited Simon  to Honolulu to perfom at

                       Starbucks Ukulele Festival of Hawaii  on a bill headlined by Jack Johnson. The experience

                         inspired album Songs From  A Small Guitar, a  stimulating slant on the singer/songwriter


genre that acknowledged the Pacific adventure whilst being true  to his innate musical foundations. His foray into the U.S. radio arena with poignant avowal 'Playing For America' delivered crossover success in New Music Week's AC Hot 100, Indie Top 30, Country & National College charts.  A series of  UK media performances & a defining  slot on Libby Purves' national BBC show 'Midweek' led to  an opportunity to open for Platinum sellers 'The Soldiers' on a UK tour.  ITV quickly labelled him 'The Singing Builder' & emphatic responses from capacity audiences prompted a collaboration with Grammy winning producer

Peter Vitesse on invigorating romcom single 'Just Saying.'  However, the needs of a growing family meant a return to the comparative but neccesary sanctury of the construction  job. Simon  again put his music on  indefinite hold.

Difficult times followed, the excitement of  previous years manifesting  as overwhelming personal disappointment at yet another near miss and  disillusionment with an often disingenuous industry. Most challenging was the loss of a once insatiable appetite to write & record songs.  Fast forward to 2016 & the creative juices flooded back and with them a renewed thirst  to write and skecth out ideas on the Mac. There's  a new single,  'Nigella'  (under the alias band name of Nigellarox)  which will feature on a new album planned for 2017 .  It all adds up to a hard earned

acoustic re-invention for a  humble but

accomplished journeyman from West London; his pop/rock origins still very

evident in the massivley infectious

melodies and emotive lyrics that are

continuing to win admirers in the UK, over the pond to the USA, across the Pacific and on to Honolulu...naturally.